A lot of coaching is being offered now a days, but why would that be? I believe that people are becoming more aware of their feelings and as a result, we are all striving for happiness! Are you one of those people? And if so, are you already on the right track or do you need coaching? Do this quiz and find out! Answer the 10 questions and get a honest result.

My name is Marijke Tops and I have created this quiz. Besides being a mental coach and a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, I have had much coaching myself.


How would you rate your happiness? Take an average of the last 4 weeks.

What do you do when you experience strong, uncomfortable emotions?

If you react differently with different emotions, then pick the emotion that is most uncomfortable to you. Choose the answer closest to your experience.

Have you experienced events in your life that you haven't processed yet?

How do you recognize unprocessed events? For example: You think of the event(s) a lot. You experience uncomfortable emotions when thinking about it. You have nightmares about it. You want to take revenge on the situation(s) or involved person(s). Etc.

Are you aware of your thoughts?

Do you believe all of your thoughts?

How are your relationships in general?

Relationships can be of all kinds: you as a sibling, son/daughter, parent, partner, co-worker, boss, employee, friends, even with people that you meet randomly in the street or supermarket.

Would your life be better if it were different?

In other words: Do you believe that significant changes in your life would make you happier?

How do you treat yourself? How do you talk to yourself?

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

What is your opinion about your life in general?

Do you need coaching?
Coaching is highly recommended

Did you know that it's possible to always experience happiness, peace and joy? It lies underneath everything! We are just not used to feeling it all of the time, because we haven't learned how. Coaching can help you to master your mind and to become free from all suffering. It only takes your willingness. It's never too late!
You got this!

You don't seem to need coaching to redirect your life. You seem to know how to handle your mind and emotions very well. Bravo! If you are not yet familiar with The Work of Byron Katie, it might be interesting for you to know more about this method. Just to add a new tool to your skills.
Coaching can be helpful for you

You seem to have your life on track, but do you sometimes feel there is still more to it? Are you wondering if 'this is it'? Coaching can be helpful to put icing on the cake. You may even just need a few sessions to be able to reach contentment throughout your whole life!