4-weeks online course

For the love of Vulnerability

“I’m not going to b*llshit you. Vulnerability is hard, it’s scary, and if feels dangerous. But it isn’t as hard, scary, and dangerous as getting to the end of our lives, and having to ask ourselves: “What if I would have shown up?” – Brené Brown

For a long time, I really believed that hiding my hurt, was thé way to protect myself. Thus, I became one of those blowfish; the more vulnerable I felt, the more confidence I tried to send out. Using ‘I’m doing great’ (when I was not) and ‘I don’t care’ (when feeling hurt) as my armor.

Dropping that armor was the most scary and yet, the most profound thing I have ever done. I thought that I would feel hurtful even more, and it turned out to be the complete opposite. Showing up vulnerable is the most freeing and joyful experience possible for me. Like Byron Katie says: “Is the kind of vulnerability you want to lick off the plate, it’s so delicious.” I can’t agree more.

I highly recommend this course with Marijke as it is the safest place to explore your vulnerabilities with other beings who are willing to open themselves up to their own. If you want freedom, take the step to inquire into yourself beautiful self with others who are willing and the truth will gift you this 🙂 Take the trip, it’s worth the freedom 🙂

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Expected again in 2023

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Marijke held a safe space during these four weeks in which I could dive deep and truly make friends with my vulnerabilities.

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The offer:
– 4 weekly online 90-minutes group sessions
– an online platform for sharing and homework
– weekly paring up with partner
– recordings of all sessions

Week 1. Judging
Week 2. Connecting
Week 3. Admitting
Week 4. Sharing

This workshop really highlighted the “facade” I have lived under and allowed me to authentically show up. In doing so, the false identity/pretender/imposter is beginning to melt away.

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Note I:
This course will only take place with a minimum of 6 participants. It has a maximum of 12 participants.

Note II:
This workshop counts towards credits for candidates in the Institute for The Work (ITW).