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Dit is een overzicht van mijn Engelstalige workshops.
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For the love of Shame

October 29 – December 3, 2023

This course allows you to slowly and gently have peace with your most shameful thoughts. By making the hidden visible, we will discover their true nature and their true power. Only when we are able to meet them with love, compassion and understanding, can they loosen their grip.

Your trainers are: Marijke Tops and Nanou Anne Evrard, both certified facilitators of The Work of Byron Katie

For the love of Vulnerability

Expected again in 2023

“I’m not going to b*llshit you. Vulnerability is hard, it’s scary, and it feels dangerous. But it isn’t as hard, scary, and dangerous as getting to the end of our lives, and having to ask ourselves: “What if I would have shown up?” – Brené Brown

What if you would show up now? Join me during this 4-week online teleclass!