6-WEEKS ONLINE WORKSHOP **engels gesproken**

For the love of Shame

FROM MAY 16th UNTIL JUNE 20th, 2022

This course allows you to slowly and gently have peace with your most shameful thoughts. By making the hidden visible, we will discover their true nature and their true power. Only when we are able to meet them with love, compassion and understanding, can they loosen their grip.

Together with Nanou Anne Evrard – Certified Facilitator of The Work

Together with Marijke Tops and Nanou Anne Evrard


Duik Diep in The Work


The Work of Byron Katie kent geen grenzen. Hoe diep durf jij te gaan? Deze retraite is gebaseerd op mijn eigen ervaring van 7 jaar geleden. Na mijn eerste 9-daagse School for The Work besloot ik om The Work tot het uiterste te testen. Ik sloot mezelf gedurende een aantal dagen op in mijn slaapkamer met slechts water, papier en pen. Verder niets: geen afleiding, geen eten, geen telefoon of horloge. Alleen ik en mijn gedachten. Het is een wonderbaarlijke, onvergetelijke ervaring geworden. En ik gun hem jullie ook!

‘t Heihuis op Landgoed Hoorneboeg in Hilversum

4-weeks online workshop **engels gesproken**

For the love of Vulnerability

EXPECTED AGAIN END OF 2022 (ook in het Nederlands)

“I’m not going to b*llshit you. Vulnerability is hard, it’s scary, and it feels dangerous. But it isn’t as hard, scary, and dangerous as getting to the end of our lives, and having to ask ourselves: “What if I would have shown up?” – Brené Brown

What if you would show up now? Join me during this 4-week online teleclass.

6-WEEKS ONLINE WORKSHOP **engels gesproken**

For the love of Anxiety Attacks

EXPECTED AGAIN IN 2022 (ook in het Nederlands)

I tried to get rid of my anxiety attacks for many years, using so many different modalities that I couldn’t see the wood for the trees anymore. Even doing The Work on this topic was a subtle way of resistance, because the motive was to make it stop. It wasn’t until I completely stopped fighting and resisting, that I stopped suffering from them.

Stop fighting too and follow me on this journey of truly accepting your anxiety attacks. Sounds easier said than done? Actually, the opposite is true. Let me show you how.

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